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Question 10: i didn't noticed where on your site I have to post a question

Dear Werni,
I didn't noticed where on your site I have to post a question.
That's why I'm writting directly to the web-mgmt, might be right.
Well, I'm a draughtman in the oil+gas area and I have to deal know with such of kind of items, weldolets.
I'ts really hard to find any substantial information about weldolets, I mean dimensions, in order to modelize a part.
Do you have or know where I can find a serious data sheet ?

Many thanks in advance,
Gilles Meyer / France

Answer from Werner Sölken

At the top of each page of you will find "question".

Dimensions of Weldolets: main Menu...Fittings...Dimensions Weldolets (serious data).

greetings Werner

Remark: Werni..I have never heard, tell me more...

Question 9: sonderschrauben, special bolts, güldner

Dear Mr. Sölken,
I found you on a very nice site ! and I am not sure , If you sometimes are in need of those items.
If yes, please send us you inquiry. Thank you and best regards

Helmut Landwehr / Germany

Answer from Werner Sölken

I know your company from the past, our order was delivered correctly and "on time".
Below, I've created a link to your site.

Sonderschrauben Güldner

Good luck, Werner

Question 8: after hours of searching and surfing the web i came across

Dear Werner,
After hours of searching and surfing the web I came across your page and there was everything I needed in one place, just as your introduction promised. You have made me a happy translator, so this message is to thank you profusely for taking the time to upload your knowledge to share it with others, and for being so clear in your explanations.

I wish you all the best.

Kind regards,

Margarita Osborn Belt
Official translator of Legal Documents
C/ Herrerîa 18, esc. 2, 2-A
18140 - La Zubia (Granada)

Answer from Werner Sölken

Great that my contribution helps ... much success as translator.

greetings Werner

Question 7: i need all dimensions of weldolet 1200 mm x 700 mm

Dear Sirs,
I need all dimensions of Weldolet 1200 mm x 700 mm.
If possible, could you please send me the dimension.

Thank you in advance.
Suleyman Halicioglu / China

Answer from Werner Sölken

I think a Weldolet of this size should have been manufactured. This is not a standard fitting, so I can't give you any details.
By the way, in this large size often a stub-in is a better and cheaper alternative.
See main Menu "Specials" article Reinforced Branch Connection.

Good luck

greetings Werner

Question 6: one of my welders regularly is talking about hijlo

One of my welders regularly is talking about hijlo...I have no idea what he's talking about.Can you explain to me what he intended?.

Bert v.d. Sluis / The Netherlands

Answer from Werner Sölken

Hijlo stands voor high-low, and the correct abbreviation is Hi-Lo.
Hi-Lo is a typical piping term and indicates a internal misalignment between a pipe, flange or fitting. The most common cause of Hi-Lo is the roundness of pipes, fittings and flanges, especially for large diameters and thin wall thicknesses.
A welder noticed this immediately, and if the welds radiographic must be examined, the misalignment must be corrected. Perhaps you also need to talking with your pipefitter(s) for better preparation.

greetings Werner

Question 5: Heat Transfer is my specialty, and perhaps i can help you

Hi Werner,
I've just found your Web Site. Great site !
What work have you done, unbelievable. All these custom tables and also all these explanations, I'm really impressed.
But you have much to do, and if you want, I can support you with information about one of your next chapters. Heat Transfer is my specialty, and perhaps I can help you.

Jody Gibson
Heat Transfer Con.
United States

Answer from Werner Sölken

Thanks for your comments...appreciation for others in this world is an exception.
I would like to use your experience, so I have send my private email address to you.

greetings Werner

Question 4 i am looking for an example of a piping layout

I am looking for an example of a piping layout. I cannot find it on your site !.

John Farla / United States

Answer from Werner Sölken

That's true ... I'm working on it, wait a week and you get what you want.

greetings Werner

Question 3: waar moet ik deze elevatie aan relateren

Ik heb op een isometric een elevatie staan van EL. 100500. Het betreft hier de zuigzijde van een pomp. Geen idee waar ik deze elevatie aan moet relateren

Klaas Schilder / The Netherlands

Answer from Werner Sölken

Look at the bottom of this page Piping Coordination Systems - Reference points -

greetings Werner

Question 2: abmessungen von flanschen 26 zoll

Ich kann auf Ihrer Website keine Abmessungen von Flanschen 26 Zoll finden.
Gucke ich nicht gut ?.


Answer from Werner Sölken

Sie gucken gut !. Im Moment gebe ich alle Abmessungen bis 24 Zoll. In den nächsten Monaten werde ich meine Website ausbreiten. Tut mir leid. Schreiben Sie mir die Abmessungen, die Sie wünschen; dann werde ich sie in diesem Forum vermelden.

greetings Werner


Hallo Werner,
Es geht mir um alle Abmessungen von einem Vorschweiss Flansch 26 Zoll - 150 laut Asme B 16.47 Serie A.
Ich bedanke mich jetzt schon recht herzlich.


Answer from Werner Sölken

Welding Neck flange

Die Abmessungen in Millimeter für den Welding Neck Flange NPS 26 - Class 150 (Vorschweissflansch) acc. to ASME B16.47 Series A sind:

  1. A = 676.1
  2. D = 870
  3. B = 68.3
  4. G = 749.3
  5. K = 806.5
  6. H = 120.7
  7. OD = 660.4
  8. Anzahl der Schraubenlöcher = 24
  9. Durchmesser der Schraubenlöcher (L) = 35.1


Question 1: where i can find the length whith double nut for instance weld neck

Hello all,
ASME B16.5 defines studs lengths for single nut on both sides.
In the subsea flanges we use double nut. Somebody know any website where i can find the length whith double nut for instance Welding Neck R.T.J. 24"Ø 600#.

Thanks John
John Foreman / United States

Answer from Werner Sölken

main Menu "Bolts", Method for Calculating Stud Bolt Lengths

greetings Werner

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