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Alfa Laval is a Swedish company, founded in 1883 by Gustaf de Laval and Oscar Lamm. The company, which started in the separation of solutions, now deals in the production of specialized products and solutions for heavy industry. The products are used to heat, cool, separate and transport such products as oil, water, chemicals, beverages, foodstuffs, starch and pharmaceuticals.

  Alfa Laval

BEA Group was set up in 1964, and after many years of constant technological evolution and research it is now considered one of the most important companies in the world for production of bolting materials (Stud Bolts, nuts, double-ended studs, hex bolts, cap screws etc.) applied to the energy, petrochemical, electrical, nuclear and aerospace industries...

BEA group

Binder Group is one of the world's largest designers, manufacturers and suppliers of Pipe Supports, Hangers & Pipe Suspension Equipment, in the Power Generation, Gas, Petrochemical, Mining and Mineral Processing industries. The Binder Group was established in 1982 in Perth, Australia and has grown into a global pipe support provider with their major manufacturing plant in Indonesia and another in Perth.

Binder Group

Bonney Forge is an industry leader in marketing and manufacturing forged steel fittings and unions, branch connections, forged steel valves, cast steel valves and specialty products. In the second half of the century the company entered the fittings and valve markets with the introduction of the Olet® fitting line. Subsequently complementary products were added including forged steel fittings, forged steel valves and more recently cast steel valves.

Bonney Forge

Börger you will find Börger where pumps are needed. Their subsidiaries and representations are present in more than 50 countries. Börger Rotary Lobe Pumps are operated in all major industries. The key to the industry wide presence is customized solutions: No Börger pump is like another. The modular design of the Börger pump enables an individual approach to each application. Their customer base includes many worldwide known companies: General Motors, Daimler Chrysler and VW use their pumps in the automotive industry to drive their production; Shell and BP lubricate success with their pumps in the oil field...


BSM Valves is one of the world's most important fast-track valve producers. At their production facilities in Breda, The Netherlands, they manufacture hard-to-obtain valves in a wide range of exotic materials. Their valves are made to order and to tight specifications. They are specialised in working from custom-made designs, producing high-quality valves, quickly and efficiently. Their dedicated and experienced team work hard to provide their customers with specialty valves to suit even the most extreme conditions.

BSM Valves

Carpenter and Paterson began in the Boston area in 1908 manufacturing "plumbing specialties". Since 1913 the company has specialized in the manufacture and distribution of a complete line of pipe hangers and supports for commercial and industrial applications. Over their 100 years in business, many expansions and divestitures of operations have occurred, both domestic and international, in response to changing market conditions and ownership. Today, Carpenter and Paterson, Inc. is a wholly owned subsidiary of The Paterson Group, Inc...

Carpenter and Paterson

Dylan Group aims to provide a complete package of steel piping products and services. From strategic subsidiaries all over the world, Dylan distribute pipe, fittings, flanges, solid bar and valves to all kinds of industries worldwide. They also supply specialist turn-key services, including project management and consultancy - for every project, small or large-scale. They can machine forgings and bar to any specification in their own in-house production facilities. DylanGroup received ISO9001 certification in 1993 and has been preferred distributor for the Tenaris network for many years...


EC-Works originates from the oldest branch roots in Germany and is specialised in the NDT-services business. EC-Works, the company's name tells it quite shortly, operates eddy current inspections and develops new technologies and applications. The expert knowledge and practical experience of more than 35 years eddy-current services enables them to their unique position in the international NDT-market.


Eng-Tips Forums Tecumseh Group, Inc. is an independent forum management company. Through the Tek-Tips and Eng-Tips Forums sites, professionals of all types can participate in discussions with others in their specific areas of expertise...

Engineering Tips Forums

Furmanite in 1927, the world's first industrial maintenance service company was formed. Its product offering - the first-ever pipeline leak sealant and unrivalled engineering expertise. 2004 marked 75 years of Furmanite serving industries worldwide. Today Furmanite, the specialty services company has maintained and built upon its leadership position as its reach extends to 70 field service offices on five continents and 1,200+ employees on all corners of the globe.


Klinger UK is the world's leading developer and manufacturer of quality sealing products for the oil and gas, petrochemical, aerospace and defence, utilities, pharmaceuticals and chemical industries. Klinger Ltd forms an integral part of the world renowned Klinger Group which was established in 1886 by Austrian engineer Richard Klinger who developed the compressed fibre gasket.

Klinger UK

Lisega is a specialist for pipe supports for the major plant engineering and construction. LISEGA application areas are chemical and petrochemical installations, all types of thermal power plants, incineration plants, sugar-factories, biogas-installations and similar facilities - wherever liquids or gaseous, primarily at high temperatures, are to be transported by pipes. The LISEGA product range consists of a software-supported modular system in which over 10,000 standardized components are arranged systematically for the whole field of pipe support technology.


LOKRING® Technology® is dedicated to the relentless pursuit of perfection in understanding and satisfying the industry's fluid and gas connection requirements. Using state of the art computer aided technology, LOKRING® designs and produces the most advanced fluid and gas transfer connectors on the market today. Manufactured in the world class facility, LOKRING® fittings are produced under quality systems certified to ISO 9001:2000. The patented LOKRING® connector was derived from aerospace technology and is a superior quality, leak-free fitting that is extremely reliable, easy to install and requires no heat for installation...


La Meccanica Padana estabilished in 1954, is located in northern Italy, in an industrial developed area, highly specialized in manufacture of components for the petrochemical sector. LMP, due to a flexible structure, is able to fulfil a wide range of different requirements, both in terms of quantity of pieces and type of materials. They produce pieces in all grades of material for the petrochemical/gas sector, such as: liners, Spectacle blinds, blanks, spacers, drip rings, representing their standard production.

La Meccanica Padana

Miller is a worldwide leader in the design, manufacture and marketing of arc welding machines, accessories and related welding products. The company began with an innovation that responded to customer needs, growing from a one-man operation to the world's largest manufacturer of arc welding and cutting equipment. Miller keeps the tradition alive by focusing on its top priority: people...


Oseco manufactures rupture discs, explosion vents, and other pressure relief products. Oseco's intelligent pressure relief systems protect people, plants, processes and the environment across the globe. As a leader in technically advanced pressure relief products, Oseco delivers unique design, testing and consultancy services for pressure management.

Oseco is geared towards piping professionals, these are the people that specify components and influence purchasing / specification decisions, they're the ones that have the real buying power...

Piping Technology & Products, Inc. designs and fabricates pipe supports (including variable and constant spring hangers), shock and vibration control devices (hold-down clamps, hydraulic and mechanical snubbers), pressure vessels and other engineered and fabricated steel products. PT&P also provides engineering and design services, field services, and emergency quick-turn service. Their subsidiary, U.S. Bellows, Inc., is a leading manufacturer of metallic expansion joints and fabric expansion joints. U.S. Bellows is leading manufacturer of bellows and expansion joints worldwide and a long-time member of the Expansion Joints Manufacturer's Association (EJMA).

Piping Technology & Products, Inc.

Red Point Alloys BV (founded in 1987) designs, manufactures and supplies valves in special materials, such as Titanium and Nickel alloys, (Super) Duplex and corrosion resistant alloys. Valves are delivered worldwide to the (petro-)chemical industry, pharmaceutical industry, oil production, offshore and onshore, oil refineries, gas storage, power generation and other industrial processes.

Red Point Alloys BV

Red-Bag is an independent company that specializes in software development for piping and mechanical engineering. Also services are provided such as authority consulting services. The name of Red-Bag is originating from the letters B-a-d-g-e-r. Badger was a leading engineering and construction company in the petroleum and chemicals industry until mid nineties.


Spirax Sarco 100 years expertise in steam systems across all industries means they can advise you on improvements to your plant that will often result in dramatic cost savings and profitable increases in production capacity. Their holistic approach is supported by 1,100 engineers working in 33 countries worldwide and experts in each discipline of the steam system. From replacement products through to system builds they work with you to successful completion of their projects.

Spirax Sarco

T.D.Williamson, Inc., the world's most recognized name in pipeline equipment and services, delivers safe integrity solutions for onshore and offshore applications. TDW's experts provide hot tapping & plugging, pipeline cleaning, geometry & MFL inspection, pigging and non-tethered plugging pig technology services for any pressurized pipeline system, anywhere in the world.

T.D.Williamson, Inc.

Texas Flange satisfying Customer Demands since 1986. Texas Flange provides ASME Code and Non Code Industrial flanges for the Petrochemical, Process, and Waterworks industries. ANSI, API, AWWA pipe flanges in carbon, stainless, alloys and chrome steel. Weld Neck, Slip On, Blind, Threaded, Socket Weld, Lap Joint, Orifice Flanges, Ring, and custom flanges in sizes NPS 1/2 to NPS 48. Pressure classes - 75, 125, 150, 175, 250, 300, 350, 400, 600, 900, 1500, 2500, 5K, 10K, 15K, 20K. High Yield - Low Temp.

Texas Flange

Tyco International Ltd. is a diversified, global company that provides vital products and services to customers in more than 60 countries. With more than 100,000 employees worldwide, Tyco is a leading provider of security products and services, fire protection and detection products and services, valves and controls, and other industrial products.

Tyco International Ltd.

WCR Sweden AB offer a wide range of top quality gaskets for most plate Heat Exchangers, as well as high quality plates. WCR is also specialized in servicing all makes of plate Heat Exchangers. For example Alfa-Laval, APV, Cetetherm, Pasilac, Tranter, Hisaka, Fischer, Schmidt-Bretten, Vicarb, GEA, ReHeat and Swep. In addition to their regasketing service and spare part offering, WCR offers exchange plate programs, inventory management program and technical assistance.

WCR Sweden AB

VALVOLA is well qualified to provide technological assistance and high tech Bellow Sealed Valves for applications involving hazardous and difficult-to-handle fluids and gases. Valvola Corp engineers combine more than 10 years of experience in valve design and development with expertise in metallurgical techniques. The strategic use of Stainless steels, Inconel, Monel, Hastelloy and other high performance metal and alloys makes Bellows Sealed Valves the optimum choice worldwide for an extremely broad range of applications including Vacuum valves, Amonia valves, Steam valves, Hot Oil valves, Boiler valves, High Temperature valve, High Pressure valves and Polymer valves...


Van Leeuwen Pipe and Tube Group has dozens of locations throughout Europe, Asia, the Middle East, Australia and North America. They export to virtually every country in the world. This rock-solid network enables Van Leeuwen to set the pace in its industry. The majority of their locations maintain stocks ranging from carbon and alloy steel to stainless steel products, and each of them is equipped with modern facilities for the storage and distribution of pipes, valves and fittings. They have about 105,000 tons of pipe material in stock, which runs to in excess of 40,000 different items in total. Zwijndrecht, the Netherlands, is home to the largest pipe warehouse in the world...

Van Leeuwen Pipe and Tube Group

Weldbend prides itself on producing only quality products. From the smallest elbow fitting to the largest Weldbend flange, you can be assured that the product you are receiving is quality because the Weldbend name goes on with every product we manufacture. Weldbend also support the American Workforce. Many of their products conform to the Buy American Act. Weldbend are always changing to improve their service and their inventory for the customer...