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November 2022

LEGO Releasing Eiffel Tower Set That's Nearly Five Feet Tall

Last year LEGO released the longest set ever, the HMS Titanic. This year they have decided to break records on the vertical plane, announcing an Eiffel Tower set that is absurdly tall.

The Lego structure does not quite live up to the dizzying heights of the real Parisian building, but it is designed to authentically mimic the memorable wrought-iron tower.

LEGO Releasing Eiffel Tower 1 Image: LEGO

While the Titanic consisted of 9,090 pieces and was 135 cm long, the Eiffel Tower is even larger, 149 cm high and made of 10,001 pieces. That's enough to make it the largest LEGO set ever, although technically - at least by LEGO's own standards - it is not the largest.. they count the size of a set by the number of bricks used, not by its physical dimensions.

By these standards, the "largest" set in the world is still the LEGO Art World Map, which consists of 11,695 pieces.

LEGO Releasing Eiffel Tower 2 Image: LEGO

Lego designer Rok Zgalin Kobe said in the news release, "We wanted to find the ultimate LEGO expression for the structural and architectural masterpiece that is the Eiffel Tower.

"We followed the construction principles of the original tower as closely as the LEGO system allowed."

The designer added that new Lego construction techniques will be discovered during construction to "bring to life" the tower's architectural features.

The set consists of four parts, making it easier to build, move and play, the company said.

Lego begins building the building blocks in the United States "Once completed, you can imagine the breathtaking feeling of standing on top and looking out over the rich history of the city of Paris," Kobe added.

LEGO Releasing Eiffel Tower 3 Image: LEGO

The Eiffel Tower was built in the French capital for the 1889 Universal Exposition in honor of the 100th anniversary of the French Revolution. It was intended to be torn down after 20 years, but it has stood the test of time and has become a landmark that is instantly recognizable and synonymous with France.

The tower itself is 300 meters high. It was the tallest structure in the world until it topped the Chrysler Building in New York City in 1929.

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