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October 2023

Heavy Lifting Drone

Heavy lifting drone can carry 220 pounds of cargo for courier, utility or construction companies

Heavy lifting drone can carry 220 pounds of cargo Image.. FlyingBasket.com

The FB3 is the first heavy drone with this level of versatility the market has seen, and the FlyingBasket company sees it as an irreplaceable asset for delivery and logistics companies, forestry and logging, and disaster relief.

Imagine: 100 kilograms of food, relief supplies, medicine or shelter in disasters that can be quickly transported to remote locations, without the need for a large landing area and without any risk to the pilot or an expensive helicopter.

The FB3 is made by FlyingBasket, which wrote that "the journey with the FB3 drone was marked by extensive testing and collaboration with customers in various industries, allowing them to tailor the capabilities to specific and relevant needs."

The FB3's outstanding ability to carry and lift heavy cargo has been extensively demonstrated in a wide range of environments, including forests, wind farms and urban settings. It can carry 70 kg (about 147 pounds) in its cargo bay, or 100 kg (about 220 pounds) in a basket or sling suspended from a hook on the drone's undercarriage.

YouTube Video
Watch The Drone In Action Below..

Heavy lifting drone Image.. FlyingBasket.com

"The commercial availability of the FB3 is another milestone in the roadmap of FlyingBasket, which is continuously committed to innovation, safety and excellence within the drone industry. It represents a significant leap forward in cargo transportation capabilities," stated Moritz Moroder, FlyingBasket's CEO.

Among those opportunities, FlyingBasket sees their drone as a great option for telecom companies that need to make repairs or installations on towers in cities or remote locations, and renewable energy companies that need to make repairs on wind turbines. The same goes for construction companies that need to transport materials to the top of buildings.

Before you drop 200 pounds of pizzas on your friend's patio.. the drone costs about $77,000

Reference.. FlyingBasket.com

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