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December, 2023

Retro Mini gets EV upgrade

Consider the enthusiasts who support the electric restomod community. This is still a niche within a niche, one that requires deep pockets and occasional compromise, but the idea of keeping classic cars on the road without unpleasant emissions is undoubtedly noble.

Retro Mini
Image.. David Brown Automotive

David Brown Automotive's new Mini eMastered is a prime example. An electric conversion of Issigonis' classic 1960s Morris Mini builds on the British company's experience in "remastering" the conventionally powered original Mini, but adds a custom electric powertrain to the highly desirable and beautifully finished interior and exterior.

The cool and uber-cute car looks stunning in tan leather with cream bodywork, wheels and a tan roof. Standard equipment includes air conditioning, navigation system, power windows, a snappy stereo system and finely crafted metal shift panels.

Mini - tan leather with cream bodywork
Image.. David Brown Automotive

Unfortunately, there is a catch to this little beauty. With prices starting at around 125,000 pounds ($158,000), this will never become a universally available means of transportation. But for those with deep pockets and a penchant for retro, their money will bring more communal pleasure than any street-worn SUV will ever manage.

Mini - by David Brown Automotive
Image.. David Brown Automotive

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