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September 2023

This looks like an ordinary Porsche, but something is not right

Did a factory employee make a mistake? Either way, this photo of a Porsche Macan S, which was spotted in Rome Italy, is getting a lot of attention on social media. There is, in fact, a "cosmetic flaw.

Porsche Macan S

A motorist stuck in traffic in the Italian capital of Rome took this photo of the car in front of him in the traffic jam and posted it in a Facebook group. The car in question is a Porsche Macan S, on sale in the Netherlands starting at around 80,000 euros. However, there is something wrong with this model. Just look at the letters of the Porsche logo.


They are in the wrong order. Therefore, the brand name is "PORSHCE" instead of "PORSCHE. The cause of the typo remains a mystery for now. According to Italian site 'Automoto.it,' it is unlikely that the error happened at Porsche's factory. They suggest that it may have been a mistake made by a car mechanic after a repair.

No factory error In both vehicle production and customer service in Porsche-authorized workshops, we use a standardized letter template and an adhesive liner to ensure that the letters of the Porsche logo are always applied in the correct order and spaced correctly, said Porsche spokesman Ekkehard Kleindienst.

Porsche Macan S Logo

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