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November 2023

Red Train photogrphed by Drone

Contrasting colors make for the best photos, especially if it's an unplanned scene. This red train making its way through pure white trees with snow peaks could not be more visually satisfying. To take a picture like this, you probably need one of the better drones on the market.

Red Train photogrphed by drone
One of the winners of Of The 2018 Drone Photo Contest

A must for all railroad fans - beauty and daring combined. With its 65 m high pillars tapering to the top, the viaduct is one of the most elegant bridge structures in Graub√ľnden. The most photographed part of the Rhaetian Railway.

Between Thusis and St. Moritz, the Landwasser viaduct is the most spectacular structure on the 63-kilometer Albula route. And the Albula and Bernina routes of the scenic Rhaetian Railway have been part of the UNESCO World Heritage List since mid-July 2008 - the first of three railroad lines worldwide.

The construction of the main pillars of the Landwasser viaduct in 1901/1902 was considered a huge architectural feat, as it was done without scaffolding and with only two cranes. And 106 years later, in 2009, the viaduct's masonry and rail channel were repaired for the very first time. The viaduct wall made of natural dolomite limestone is 142 meters long and 65 meters high, protruding on a curve over the rugged Landwasser Valley and into a tunnel, the entrance to which is on a vertical rock face.

Red Train photogrphed by Julia Wimmerlin
Red Train photogrphed by Julia Wimmerlin / Shutterstock

From the village of Filisur, you can reach a beautiful lookout point on foot in just half an hour, from where you have a great view of the viaduct. Then a path leads either down to the river, under the viaduct and into a ravine, or at the junction to the viewpoint in about 2 hours and on to the Wiesner viaduct. You can cross this viaduct on a footpath while enjoying incredible deep views down under.

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