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November, 2023

Mysterious Road Sign in Spain

Those who see these signs may initially think they have something to do with motorcyclists, helicopters or drones interfering with Wi-Fi signals, but the real meaning is that you should pay close attention to your speed and traffic behavior here.

Mysterious road sign in Spain
You encounter these signs mostly on dangerous stretches, such as here in mountainous areas in Mallorca

When you see signs like this - with either a motorcycle, car or truck or all three on the right - you should be aware that your speed is being checked. This is done with radar, but not in the usual way. In fact, there may be drones that Spanish police use to fine speeders.

39 drones for traffic control
The drones fly at an altitude of 120 meters, can reach a maximum speed of 80 kilometers per hour and can detect speeding tickets up to two kilometers away. A total of 39 drones have been operating in Spain for the past two years. The drones are also intended to detect reckless behavior on the road and monitor traffic on roads with a high accident risk, such as mountainous stretches, according to Spain's Directorate General of Traffic (DGT).

Twelve helicopters
According to the DGT itself, the 39 drones have about 40 minutes of flight time, are equipped with high-resolution cameras and operate throughout the country. According to the DGT, one police officer controls the drone, while another watches footage of speeding, dangerous overtaking maneuvers, using a smartphone behind the wheel or not wearing a seat belt.

Violations can be handed out immediately by a Guardia Civil officer or sent by mail later. In addition to the drones, Spanish authorities also have 12 helicopters to identify similar violations. These are also equipped with radar equipment to determine speeding violations.

The most common offense is using a cell phone behind the wheel. This can result in a fine of 200 euros and the loss of six points on your driver's license. Not wearing a seat belt can be punishable by a fine of up to 200 euros and the loss of three points on your driver's license.

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