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January, 2024

Gillian Anderson makes fashion statement with dress full of embroidered vaginas at Golden Globes

It was so subtle that by no means everyone noticed, but Sex Education actress Gillian Anderson (55) wore a dress full of embroidered vaginas to the Golden Globes. "It feels like the perfect representation of exploring pleasure and personal power."

The actress strutted down the red carpet in an ivory custom-made strapless dress. At first it looked like a classic design, but Anderson said she had put designer Gabriela Hearst to considerable work for the ceremony. She had numerous vaginas embroidered on the gown's skirt. A reporter asked her why, to which Gillian smilingly shrugged her shoulders. "For so many reasons."

Gillian Anderson photo 1 Gillian Anderson. ©Jordan Strauss/Invision/AP

In an interview, the former X-Files actress explained that the dress was a collaboration between Hearst and her own "alternative soft drink brand" G Spot, whose slogan is to "prioritize pleasure. ''There are so many yonis (vaginas, ed.) on my dress. It took 3.5 hours per yoni to embroider, and there are a lot of them. So it was about 150 hours of embroidery."

Anderson said that since her role in the Netflix hit Sex Education, the female sex part has played a big role on her Instagram page. In that series, she plays the main character's single mother and is a sex therapist who has frequent affairs. So her soft drink brand is also a big nod to the vagina. "That's why I wanted to bring this element into the design and I'm glad Gabriela was up for it," Anderson explains to Vogue. To Newsweek, she adds: "It feels like the perfect representation of exploring pleasure and personal power."

Gillian Anderson photo 2 Vaginas are embroidered on the dress. ©Reuters

Designer Hearst calls the look 'vulvaliciously chic' on her Instagram page and emphasizes what a job it was to incorporate all the vaginas. 'Gillian is wearing an ivory corset dress made of wool and silk and embroidery made for her. (...) It took about 3.5 hours to embroider each motif.'

Gillian Anderson photo 3 Gillian Anderson on the red carpet. ©Jordan Strauss/Invision/AP

Anderson seems to really enjoy the fact that her dress is being discussed so much. She shared a photo of herself on social media showing her eating a sausage sandwich after the awards show. "Sometimes you just need a sausage to go with your yoni dress.

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