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March, 2024

Billionaire wants to build new Titanic

An Australian billionaire wants a new Titanic built. The iconic cruise ship's maiden voyage from Britain's Southampton to New York is scheduled for June 2027. Because after previous attempts in 2012 and 2018, he wants to make another attempt to rebuild the Titanic.

Rebuild the Titanic

69-year-old Clive Palmer announced his ambitious project at a press conference at the Sydney Opera House. He wants to make the new Titanic even more luxurious than the original.

It is to be a faithful replica of the cruise ship that sank in 1912 after colliding with an iceberg. Why Palmer is coming up with his third attempt? "It's more fun to rebuild the Titanic than to sit at home and count my money," the billionaire said.

Previous attempts failed due to multiple lawsuits against the government, a political adventure and the closure of ports during the corona pandemic. For example, he agitated against vaccines and lockdowns and is demanding millions in damages from the Australian state.

Now Palmer wants to get Titanic II built again. According to CNN, he is in talks with shipbuilders, particularly European ones. According to the Australian, Chinese shipbuilders "are not good enough."

The Titanic II is to be largely similar to the original and could carry 2,345 passengers. Guests are encouraged to come in clothes from the year 1910 and can choose from three classes.

How much a trip aboard the Titanic II should cost and whether collisions with icebergs are planned is still unknown.

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