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March, 2024

Trees temper global warming in eastern United States

In the eastern part of the United States, trees are making a remarkable contribution to combating global warming.

This phenomenon, recently revealed thanks to thorough research, indicates a significant flattening, or even cooling, of temperatures in certain regions, despite the general trend of warming worldwide.

Global warming

The key to this development appears to be extensive reforestation, which follows a period of intensive deforestation since European colonization in the Americas.

The mystery of why temperatures have remained stable or even dropped in parts of the southeastern US is partly unraveled by new study.

According to Mallory Barnes, an environmental scientist at Indiana University and leader of the study, the remarkable reforestation of large areas in the eastern part of the US, an area larger than England, has had a significant impact on dampening local air temperatures.

The restoration of forests in the U.S. has a cooling effect on the surrounding area primarily through transpiration, where water is released into the air from the roots through the leaves as vapor.

This effect, most noticeable during the hottest summer days, underscores the importance of thoughtful reforestation, especially in urban communities experiencing extreme heat due to a lack of shade trees.

Despite trees making a significant difference, researchers stress that reforestation alone will not stop climate change. Drastically reducing greenhouse gas emissions remains crucial to limiting global warming.

Reference.. The Guardian

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