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What are Angel numbers?

In numerology, angel numbers are a repeating sequence of three or four numbers, such as 1111, 777, 5656 or 321, that appear at seemingly random places in your life to convey a spiritual or divine message.

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The numbers may show up in banal places, such as price tags, phone numbers, clocks or license plates. But in numerology, the belief in a divine or mystical correlation between numbers and events, these angel numbers are seen as signs from the universe (or whatever higher power you are engaging with).

Some spiritual practitioners preach that "there are no coincidences," and this sums up well how angel numbers and their messages work. In his article "Nothing is accidental, everything is meaningful," Deepak Chopra explains that this concept is called synchronicity.

"Synchronicity implies that a higher intelligence can organize events in such a way that meaning emerges unexpectedly," he says. "If you think of a word and the next moment someone on TV says the word, you didn't create the coincidence. But something did."

Synchronicity is a facet of numerology in which different sets of numbers have different meanings and are seen as messages from the metaphysical realm. For example, some numbers can indicate a big change, the end of a chapter in your life or hard work that will pay off.

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The followers of the Greek philosopher Pythagoras were the earliest known believers in numerology, which attributed mystical properties to numbers. For example, all even numbers were feminine, odd numbers were masculine, and the number four represented justice. Ten was considered the most perfect number and therefore they believed there was a 10th planet, Counter-Earth, which was always hidden from us by the sun.

However, the contemporary concept of angel numbers comes from Doreen Virtue, author of a handful of spiritual books in the late 1990s and early 2000s, such as Angel Numbers, Angels 101 and Messages from Your Angels.

In recent years, the term "angel numbers" has gained popularity in spiritual circles and on social media to denote any striking combination of numbers that makes you stop and pay attention. Above all, angel numbers are subjective.

The concept suggests that when you see repeating numbers or sequences, there is a message that we may want to open up to receive.

You may see an angelic number once, or the same number may haunt you for years. Whatever the number is and wherever and whenever it appears, the important thing is how you interpret it.

Numerology practices such as angel numbers often overlap in spaces with other esoteric traditions such as astrology or tarot reading. Another popular numerology practice is calculating your life path number, a number that is supposed to reveal insights about your personality and life journey.

Again, it's all about what appeals to you. You don't have to be a psychic or metaphysical practitioner to feel connected to the numbers of angels. In the end, it's all about tapping into your intuition, taking a moment to focus on your surroundings and mindset, and to center yourself.

Some angel numbers

Common angel numbers and their meanings..

According to Linda Berry, "angel whisperer," spiritual coach and owner of the Spiritual Discovery Center in Southern California, the number 0 represents transition. "When included in a numerical sequence of two or more numbers, it adds the vibration of infinite potential to the other numbers," she explains. "Its energy brings a state of transition with a new beginning at its center. How the transition period is handled depends on an open mind to new opportunities and a commitment to self-improvement." Berry also adds that 0 represents wisdom gained from life experiences, which in turn aids in spiritual growth.

Berry explains: "In numerology, the number 1 represents the beginning of all ideas and actions. It radiates an initiating, driving and determined kind of energy." Although the number 1 represents nonconformity, you should do things your own way and time, she advises. When you see this angelic number, boldly move forward in an independent, individualistic and self-reliant manner.

When it comes to 2, this angelic number revolves around energy of support and wanting to follow or cooperate with others. "It creates peace and harmony and is very accommodating," Berry adds. "It is the most diplomatic, adaptable and patient of all the numbers. Balance and equilibrium are the focus for everything with this number."

Mystic Michaela, author of The Angel Numbers Book, says, "333 is an important message from your guides that it's time to get into balance! Your angels want you to start meditating, start that workout routine and finally start that vision board you've been working on all this time. Your angels want you to look at the areas in your life that are not quite completed and correct yourself."

Berry says the number 4 is the most diligent, conscientious, conventional and careful of all numbers. It represents dedication, practicality and focus. "The number 4 represents someone who does what they say they are going to do, who is straightforward, persistent and reliable," she says. "The vibration of this number is solid, stable and systematic, and it has a down-to-earth energy that wants to manifest ideas in concrete form."

Angel number 5 is associated with change, personal progress and transformation. "It is a sign of the divine that you are undergoing positive changes in your life," Johanna A├║gusta adds. When you see 555 appear in your life, "the angels are guiding you to make a positive change in your life," Augusta explains. "This could be a change in your career, relationships or lifestyle.

Don't be afraid of 666. Although you may have previously thought it was the "number of the devil" or the "number of the beast," seeing angelic number 666 is strangely the opposite of negative. When you see 666, your angels are telling you to be less focused on your problems. "Angel number 666 is a guide that helps you find balance in your life," says Alex Getts, an astrologer and tarot reader of nearly 20 years. "It will often appear when you are too invested in negative thinking, or don't let go of old attitudes that are holding you back. If you see it often, try to discover where your life is out of balance, because finding harmony will help you achieve your goals."

According to psychic therapist and spiritual teacher Vincent Genna, author of The Secret That's Holding You Back, the number 7 is very spiritual and carries high vibrations. It is considered the holiest number because it is connected to God. The number is also related to inner wisdom, mysticism, intuition and inner strength. "If you see the number seven repeatedly, the angels are telling you to focus on a spiritual path and get closer to your spiritual nature," Genna explains. "You may need to see the spiritual side of things if you are having a difficult time in your life."

The angel number 888 also represents good fortune, meaning abundance and often monetary wealth. The eight in numerology is reminiscent of the infinity symbol, representing the endless flow of life and of abundance, making it a perfect time to practice manifestation when you see repetitive eights.

One of the more interesting numbers of angels is that when you see 9, 99 or 999, it is a sign to turn negative things into positive things. "If you see 999, it has to do with the personal and spiritual growth you have achieved on your journey," Getts explains. "If this number is calling to you, maybe it's time to relax your grip and trust that the universe will take you where you need to go. You have grown as a person and your enhanced intuition can recognize what is the right thing for you to do, as long as you trust it."

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