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The Loganair Westray to Papa Westray route is the shortest scheduled passenger flight in the world

Flights on this route are scheduled for one and a half minutes, and actual flying time is closer to one minute. The record for the fastest flight is 53 seconds. The route is flown by Loganair, a Scottish regional airline that serves Scotland's Highlands and islands. It costs £17 ($22).

Shortest passenger flight in the world

Flights between Westray and Papa Westray occur daily in both directions, except on Saturdays, when only flights from Westray to Papa Westray are available, and on Sunday, when only flights from Papa Westray to Westray are available. The total distance covered by the flights is 2.7 kilometres (1.7 mi), which is about the same length as the runway at Edinburgh airport.

Pilot Stuart Linklater flew the short hop a record more than 12,000 times, more than any other pilot, before he retired in 2013. Linklater set the record for the fastest flight between the islands at 53 seconds.

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