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Welcome to - www.wermac.org the website of Werner Sölken

I am Werner and active since more than 40 years in petro and chemical industry.
Over the years, I have specialized myself in piping and static equipment, and have been working in a variety of functions for many customers.

During this period I prepared hundreds of piping projects, and in many cases I have been coaching and supervising that projects.

At the end of 2006, I got the idea to write a website where people can find all about piping.

The idea was born because there was no website on the Internet that gives all information about piping, "on one place". Often dozens of websites must be consulted for a complete answer on a topic.

Wel, this website is a source of information for people who want to know more about piping systems, valves, dimensions of flanges, fittings and pipes etc.
Except dimensions of pipes, fittings, flanges etc. I also give relevant background information concerning all items.

During writing this Internet site I have been spoken many people, welders, pipefitters, draftmen and engineers. I have frequently asked what is meant with Nominal Pipe Size, or what is meant with A106 Gr.B...the answer often was not correctly.

Thus, a Internet site with all relevant information on one place can bring help for many people.
Further there have been given practical examples for pipefitters, welders, supervisors, draftmen and designers and useful tips for contractors actively in Piping, Piping Engineers and Designers.

All subjects are related at the american ASME, ASTM, API, MSS and German DIN Standards, and are in logical order classified.

I have tried to make a website with a clear structure, "what your click is what you get".

The menu on the top gives links to different information and each item in the submenu brings you directly to the item what you have clicked.

On December 21, 2008, this website with approximately 60 pages was placed online.
October 2023 it has become almost 1400 pages, and it is still being expanded.


Maybe you have comments about this website, or questions about a topic, please let me know by email... I will reply on this website. In the menu, others you can find the topic Questions and Answers, there I will answer, and below my email address.


As I've described in the disclaimer, I can not be held responsibility for any incorrect information on a page from this website. If you've found inaccuracies, please let me know. I will check, and if appropriate, I will change the information.

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October 2023, Werner

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