Nord Stream

Intelligent PIG

Intelligent PIG

This intelligent Pipeline Inspection Gauge (PIG) was specifically developed for the Nord Stream Pipelines by Rosen Group, based in Lingen, Germany. The intelligent PIG is used for internal inspection of the pipelines. It will be inserted into the PIG trap at the start of the pipelines in Portovaya, Russia, and launched into the pipelines, where it will travel with the flow of gas all the way to Lubmin, Germany, where it will be received by a similar PIG trap. The internal inspection will detect any sign of corrosion, a device on it will measure the internal dimensions of the pipeline to detect buckling, its precise position, size and coordinates, and an inertial module unit measures the exact run of the pipelines curves. The intelligent PIG is this photo was developed in 2012, and the technology will be continuously updated throughout lifetime of the pipelines.

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