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How are pipe supports shown on an Isometric?

Pipe supports are usually indicated on isometric drawings as a "PIPE SUPPORT CALL OUT", and consists of a combination of letters and numbers and indicates the type of support to be applied; see below...

Supports shown on an Isometric

Support for a pipe at a location can be a combination of standard support types or special pipe support. These designations should be written as separate items. For example, a pipe support frame that supports multiple pipes is indicated on only one isometric pipe drawing. For all other pipes, the isometric pipe drawing is referenced with the designation "PIPE SUPPORT CALL OUT".

Special pipe supports are indicated on the pipeline isometric drawing. All parts, including standard support items, are indicated on the separate special pipe support drawing. No support items are indicated on the piping isometric. A special pipe support is called SPS, and stands for Special Pipe Support.

Recommended spans and guide distances for pipe supports

The span between supports depends on the load, size, temperature of the fluid and material of the pipeline. Guides support vertical pipes. The following should be considered when calculating the span.

  • Pipes with liquid need support more often than pipes with gas
  • Pipes with small bores need more frequent support to prevent sagging
  • The span of hot pipes is shorter than cold pipes of the same size and thickness
  • Insulated piping requires a shorter span because of the weight of the insulation
  • Space requirements of ground floor equipment can sometimes affect the spacing of curved pipe supports
  • Spacing between supports shall be selected so that the maximum deflection does not exceed the design requirement

Refer to the table on this page showing normally good pipe support spacing for different materials. These requirements vary from company to company.

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Material selection for pipe supports

Material selection for supports and their components is determined by the design temperature of the pipe and applicable regulations. When selecting the material for the primary support, we must ensure that it is of compatible quality, if not the same as the pipe.

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