What are Dip Pipes?

Dip pipes are widely used in the chemical, oil, pharmaceutical, food industry, etc., not only to take samples from reactors or storage vessels as part of a sampling system, but also to draw or drain liquids from tanks or reactors without side or bottom connections.

In modern industrial processes, dip pipes are also commonly used for reactor loading, conveying liquids or gas below the liquid level and washing using rotating spray balls.

Dip Pipe
Image: www.crp.co.uk

Dip pipes can be made with custom steel pipes and flanges that are coated with extruded PTFE to protect both the inside and outside of the metal pipe from corrosion. However, a dip pipe can also be made from various exotic metal pipes and flanges; depending on a customer's requirements.

Dip Pipe detail
Image: www.crp.co.uk

There are undoubtedly many other ways to make a Dip Pipe

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