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What is a dead man's handle for a valve?

A deadman's handle on a valve, also known as a spring return handle, serves a specific purpose. Without this handle, tasks such as extracting media from a vessel or tank, adding additional media or performing tasks where an unattended valve should not be left open would be quite difficult. A dead man's handle makes it easy.

Deadman Ball Valves A deadman's handle on a valve

The true origin of the nickname deadman handle may be impossible to ascertain, but the meaning is quite simple. Basically, this morbid joke meant that if an operator died suddenly, the lever would move automatically, despite the tragedy. In this way, a valve - let's use a ball valve - equipped with a deadman's lever will automatically close itself when you release the lever. This is because of the spring action. Without the pressure against the spring, the lever will return to its original position.

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Deadman handle on Ball valve
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