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ASTM A333 - What is meant by killed carbon steel?
What are Pipe Supports?
What is meant by PPM in gas dection?
Which ASME standard covers the dimensions of buttweld elbows?
What is one of the connections between the United Kingdom and France?
What are Demister Pad's in Process Piping?
What is Cold Cutting?
What are the most common types of O'let branch connections?
What do we need for lifting heavy loads?
What is Fireproofing for Petrochemical facilities?
What are Piping Specifications?
What are Lower and Upper Explosive Limits (LEL & UEL) for Flammable Gases and Vapors?
What are the most commonly used Gaskets for flanged connections?
What is a Coriolis Flow Meter and how does it work?
Are ANSI B16 or ASME B16 the same thing?
Is Fall Protection always required?
What are Breather Valves?
What does a Golden Weld mean?
What is Hot Bolting and why are we doing it?
What is a Hot Tap and why it is made?
What are leak repair clamps?
Is it possible to print a leak repair clamp for industry?
What is the function of an Emergency Shutdown Valve?
Do you know what Eddy Current testing is?
Have you ever heard of the Eastern Scheldt storm surge barrier?
How to read a Piping Isometric?
What is Pressure Equipment Directive (PED)?
Is working in a confined space hazardous?
Are there differences between Piping and Pipelines?
What are Flange Insulation Gasket Kits?
What are Manholes in Process Piping?
Which ASME standard covers the dimensions of Welding Neck flanges through NPS 24?
At what point is Pressure Drop an issue?
What are the differences between Cast Iron and Cast Steel?
What are Thermowells and why are they used?
What are Compression Fittings?
Have you ever heard of Victaulic pipe joining systems?
Do you know what RAL colors are?
What might Wellhead and Christmas Tree mean?
What is Hydrogen Induced Cracking of pipeline and pressure vessel steels?
So what is a Valve Interlock System?
What is meant by Hot Forming of a butt weld fitting?
In how many primary pressure classes are forged steel flanges made according to ASME B16.5?
Why is Pickling and Passivation applied to stainless steel?
Why are floor gratings used in the petrochemical industry?
What is the need for steam tracing in pipeline systems?
Are there differences in Raised Face Height of flanges?
Is green steel produced without the use of fossil fuels?
What are the welding requirements of O-Let Fittings?
What are Fossil Fuels?
Are threaded fittings a good choice?
What are Belleville washers?
Why Orifice plates are one of the most popular devices for the measurement and control of fluid flow?
Why pipeline pigging is essential?
What is level measurement by Level Indicators?
Is clean, renewable energy under our feet?
What is meant by Flaring in Industry?
What are Hinged Expansion joints?
Have you ever heard of CorTen steel?
What are Socket Weld Fittings?
What is an O'let Branch Connection?
What is a cryogenic tank and what is stored in it?
What are collar bolts and what are they for?
What are High density polyethylene (HDPE) piping systems?
Have you ever heard about Dishing of Spiral Wound Gaskets?
What is Explosion Bonding or Explosion Cladding or Explosion Welding?
What is Hose Whipping, and can it be dangerous?
What does a "Unit Rate" contract mean?
What is meant by a reinforcement pad?
What is meant by all flange bolt holes are "Straddle the Centerlines"?
What's the definition of Valve Trim?
ASTM A106 A, B and C - what are the differences?
What does Lokring technology mean?
What are the functions of steam traps?
What does Mesh mean in a Strainer?
What is single random length and double random length of pipe?
What are bellow sealed valves?
What is meant by Dual Certified Materials?
What is a PID - Photo-Ionization Detector?
In what position should the ball valves be held during the hydrostatic test?
Why is flushing before hydro testing and drying after hydro testing important?
What is the difference between a gate valve of the solid wedge type and a flexible wedge type?
From what diameter a pipe in inches is equal to its actual outside diameter in millimeters?
What is the advantage of a reduced bore valve over a full bore valve?
What is a dead man's handle for a valve?
What is Rockwell Hardness Testing?
Can piston check valves be installed in the vertical position?
What is the difference between type R and RX gaskets?
What are the applicable standards for using a gear-operated valve instead of a standard handwheel with a rising stem?
When should hydraulic bolt tension be used for flange connections?



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