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Can piston check valves be installed in the vertical position?

When installing the piston check valve in vertical piping, the valve should be installed with the arrow on the body facing the direction of flow.

Piston Check valve Piston Check valve

An upward flow through the valve causes the piston to float to the open position. If there is no flow through the pipe, the spring force will keep the piston in the closed position. Flow through the pipes in an upward direction will cause the piston to move open. When the flow is reversed, the spring force, supported by the fluid flow keep the piston in the closed position.

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Piston Check valve
Piston Check valve
The seat design of a Piston or Lift-check valve is similar to a globe valve. The disc is usually in the form of a piston or a ball. Flow to piston check valves must always enter below the seat. As the flow enters, the piston or ball is raised within guides from the seat by the pressure of the upward flow...

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