Flange Alignment Tools

Flange alignment tools are mechanical or hydraulic devices used to align or realign flange connections during pipeline construction, maintenance, commissioning or decommissioning.

The flanges are usually misaligned when they are first screwed together or after the screw connection has been opened for maintenance and repair work. Flanges must be properly aligned for proper flange assembly and smooth operation. The flange alignment tools are very useful for such activities.

The most basic alignment tool is the so-called flange alignment pins as shown below.

flange alignment pins

Sometimes flange bolt holes just aren't quite in alignment. You can see part of the hole in one flange through the other flange but you can't get a bolt through for bolt up. If you can get one of these alignment bolts through both flanges then by turning the pin, you can get closer to getting a bolt through. If you add the second pin then turn it then you most likely be able to complete the bolt up. The flange alignment pins’s tapered shaft eliminates the need for hammering drift pins or fighting with spud wrenches.

YouTube Video
Flange alignment tool
flange alignment pinsYouTube

YouTube Video
More advanced flange alignment tool
flange alignment toolYouTube

Remark(s) of the Author...

It's so simple

If you watched the above videos, you can see that aligning a flange connection with the flange alignment tools is very simple.

In reality, however, that is not the case. First of all, the person performing the job must know very well what he is doing, because the tools used are generally not standard equipment from e.g. a pipefitter.

In the videos all conditions are perfect, but in practice that will never or rarely be the case.

But with trained staff, the tools will be a very useful addition in many cases.

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