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accidents are, costly, preventable, part of life, what should i do if i have an accident or injury?, keep working and don't worry about it, please report it within a week, tell my supervisor, fix what i broke, who cause the most accidents?, wrong instructions, people, snow and slippery conditions, equipment and machines, what causes most accidents?, stuff left behind on floors and walkways, not looking where you're walking, to help prevent accidents, people using tools must be trained and authorized to use them!, which of the following situations could lead to an accident?, drinking tea or coffee, reading the newspaper during my break, asking a supervisor how i should perform a task, didn't get a good night's sleep before work, what do safety signs indicate?, general warnings, information on precautionary measures, information about dangerous areas, what should i do if i see an accident at work?, i feel sorry for the person, i will tell my supervisor, ignore it because it's none of my business, talk to the person involved, what should you do if you see an electrical hazard?, report it immediately, repair it during my next break, do not use the equipment, how can i help prevent accidents?, helping others in their work, doing only what i was trained to do, using only my own equipment

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