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Lifting and Lowering People

Forklift Truck


allow anyone to be lifted while standing on the forks
or on a pallet lifted by the forks!

If you want to use a forklift to raise an employee to an elevated position, use a platform or structure specifically built for this purpose.

Forklift-Truck Platform
Forklift-Truck Platform

Fall from Forklift-Truck

A 47-year-old male assistant warehouse manager was fatally injured while working with a forklift operator to pull tires from a storage rack.

The two workers placed a wooden pallet on the forks of the forklift and the victim then stood on the pallet. The operator raised the forks and victim 5 meters above a concrete floor.

The victim had placed a few tires on the pallet when the operator noticed that the pallet was becoming unstable. The victim lost his balance and fell, striking his head on the concrete floor.