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How to promote and increase safety in the workplace..

Lead by example

Leadership is a powerful motivator when it comes to behavior. You want workplace safety to be so high on the agenda that you can ultimately achieve a higher goal: fewer accidents (with serious injuries), incidents or negative publicity. You can imagine how important it is that the key people in your organization take their role as role models seriously.

In practice, this can be challenging. People in leadership positions who feel that rules do not apply to them do not create the image you have in mind. For example, not wearing personal protective equipment because they are only there for a short time. As well as not taking safety precautions because it takes too much time and therefore compromises planning.


Therefore, make managers aware of the importance of their role. Make it clear that hierarchy does not apply in the world of safety: something can always go wrong.

Leadership helps to motivate people to keep working safely, even in challenging situations. Is there extreme heat that makes it hard to wear those warm clothes and gloves? Then insert short breaks, for example, and provide cold drinks or ice creams to cool down.

By showing understanding for the situation and helping to think of appropriate solutions, there is no need to cut back on safety measures. Provided you set a good example, of course.


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