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ASME B16.48

Line Blanks


In July 1993, the ASME B16 Committee gave to its Subcommittee C the assignment to convert the API 590 Steel Line Blanks Standard into an ASME standard. The American Petroleum Institute no longer publishes the API 590 Standard.

These line blanks were designed in accordance with the rules of the ASME B31.3-2002 edition. Materials and relevant footnotes have been added following the ASME format.

Significant additions made to this 2005 edition include reference to the use of all materials listed in B16.5 Table 1-A plus Metric units. The added materials of construction include additions to classes of alloy steels, stainless steels, and nickel alloys. This edition has also been metricated over previous editions to include both U.S. Customary units (in parenthesis) and Metric units in the text, Metric units in dimensional tables in the body, and U.S. Customary units in dimensional tables in Nonmandatory Annex A.

The B16 Committee operates under procedures accredited by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI). Following approval by the Standards Committee and ASME, this revision to the 1997 edition was approved as an American National Standard by ANSI on September 19, 2005 with the designation ASME B16.48-2005.

ASME B16.48

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