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Who is ASME?

Founded in 1880 as the American Society of Mechanical Engineers, today ASME International is a non-profit educational and technical organization with more than 120,000 members worldwide.

The aim of ASME is to promote art, science and allied science and the practice of mechanical and multi-disciplinary engineering. ASME has developed several codes and standards to enhance public safety and productivity of Engineers.

ASME Codes and Standards

ASME codes and standards were developed to enhance the public safety and productivity of the engineers.

The ASME standards are the sort of technical guides for the designers, manufacturers and users regarding the usage of the product. Some of these standards are written in few paragraphs, while others may run into multiple pages.

ASME codes set the guidelines for the mechanical engineers to follow to common system of manufacturing not only in US but also in the countries that have adopted ASME standards.

However, the manufacturers, inspectors and installers cannot be forced to use the ASME codes and standards, as they are only the guidelines. They will become compulsory only if they have been included in the contract.

The ASME standards are effective because they have been universally accepted. Their use makes communication between the manufacturers and users faster and more effective.

Further, the customers will get the same product no matter where they purchase from if they are standard products. For example, if you have purchased a Weld Neck flange in Houston, if it is standardized item, no matter where you purchase a Blind flange from, it will fit on the flange purchased in Houston.


  • A Standard can be defined as a set of technical definitions and guidelines that function as instructions for designers, manufacturers, operators, or users of equipment.
  • A standard becomes a Code when it has been adopted by one or more governmental bodies and is enforceable by law, or when it has been incorporated into a business contract.

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