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ASME B31.3 - Process Piping

Process Piping is the piping that convey fluids under pressure or vacuum within the limits of a Petroleum refinery, Chemical plant, Gas Processing plant, Pharmaceutical, Textile, Paper, Semiconductor and Cryogenic plants and related processing plants and terminals.

This standard contains rules for piping typically found in the above-mentioned plants and it prescribes requirements for materials and components, design, fabrication, assembly, erection, examination, inspection, and testing of piping.

This Code applies to piping for all fluids including..

  • raw, intermediate and finished chemicals,
  • petroleum products,
  • gas - steam - air and water,
  • fluidized solids,
  • refrigerants,
  • cryogenic fluids

Also included is piping which interconnects pieces or stages within a packaged equipment assembly.

Whether you are a designer involved in process piping for the first time or an expert engineer, you will find this essential new publication to be a valuable reference.
ASME B31.3 - Process Piping provides background information, historical perspective, and expert commentary on the ASME B31.3 Code requirements for process piping design and construction.
It provides the most complete coverage of the Code that is available today and is packed with additional information useful to those responsible for the design and mechanical integrity of process piping.

ASME B31.3 - Process Piping

Following a short summary of the contents of this standard..

  • Scope and Definitions
    General Statements
  • Design
    Design Conditions
    Design Criteria
  • Pressure Design of Piping Components
    Pressure Design of Components
  • Fluid Service Requirements for Piping Components
    Fittings, Bends, Miters, Laps, and Branch Connections
    Valves and Specialty Components
    Flanges, Blanks, Flange Facings, and Gaskets
  • Fluid Service Requirements for Piping Joints
    Welded Joints
    Flanged Joints
    Expanded Joints
    Threaded Joints
    Tubing Joints
    Caulked Joints
    Soldered and Brazed Joints
    Special Joints
  • Flexibility and Support
    Flexibility of Piping
    Piping Support
  • Systems
    Specific Piping Systems
  • Materials
    General Requirements
    Materials Miscellaneous
  • Standards for Piping Components
    Dimensions and Ratings of Components
  • Fabrication, Assembly, and Erection of Piping
    Heat Treatment
    Bending and Forming
    Assembly and Erection
  • Inspection, Examination and Testing
    Examination Personnel
    Examination Procedures
    Types of Examination
  • Nonmetallic and Nonmetallic Lined Systems
  • Nonmetallic Piping and Piping Lined With Nonmetals
  • Pressure Design of Nonmetallic Piping Components
  • Fluid Service Requirements for Nonmetallic Piping Components
  • Fluid Service Requirements for Nonmetallic Piping Joints
  • Flexibility and Support of Nonmetallic Piping
  • Nonmetallic Materials
  • Standards for Nonmetallic and Nonmetallic Lined Piping Components
  • Fabrication, Assembly, and Erection of Nonmetallic and Nonmetallic Lined Piping
  • Inspection, Examination, Testing, and Records of Nonmetallic and Nonmetallic Lined Piping
  • High Pressure Piping
  • Piping for Category M Fluid Service


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