What are Marine Loading Arms?

Marine Loading Arms or Ship loading arms are used for loading and unloading sea and inland waterway vessels. The loading arm is mounted on a structure and connects the ship to the unloading or loading equipment on the jetty.

Imagine a ship or a barge moored to a jetty. Due to the tides and weather conditions, the ship follows the movements of the water. The tricky question is how to load liquid cargo from the moored ship to the tank farm or from the tank farm to the ship under such conditions. Ship loading arms are used to ensure a secure connection. They can be used for both liquids and gases and are particularly suitable for high loading speeds and high pressure.

Marine Loading Arms photo 1 Marine Loading Arms | Image.. www.hasmak-t.com

Although the loading arms can be adapted to the specific conditions of each port (e.g. tanker size, flow rate, jetty equipment, required operating parameters, etc.), they all have one thing in common: they are equipped with an articulated pipe system consisting of rigid pipes and swivel joints, thanks to which they can follow the movements of the moored vessel.

Many loading arm systems have quick connection devices that significantly reduce the time required to connect or disconnect the line. Appropriate sealing systems ensure a secure connection to the ship's manifold flange.

The loading arm must be emptied before uncoupling. Pumps can be used to empty most loading arms. Depending on the product to be loaded and the water and weather conditions, the loading arms are also equipped with emergency disconnect couplings to prevent the load from leaking and the corresponding environmental hazards in an emergency.

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What is a Jetty?

The words pier and jetty are often used interchangeably, such as LNG pier or LNG jetty, both of which refer to a fixed offshore or nearshore platform that usually rises above the water on pile foundations.

In the oil and gas industry, the term Jetty refers to the "Pier" type, i.e. a platform above water used for the transshipment of oil, gas, minerals and other cargo.

Many of these Jettys are equipped with Marine Loading Arms for loading and unloading sea and inland waterway ships.

Jetty with Marine Loading Arms
Jetty with Marine Loading Arms | Image.. norvanreports.com

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