Cam and Groove Couplings

Cam Lock Fittings allow for quick, secure connections of hoses to tanks or other hoses.
The name "Cam Lock" comes from the Cam or Lever that is used to lock one hose or fitting into place with another one. The female connector has two cams as part of the assembly. The male connector has a shape that allows the cams to lock into place. These couplings mate quickly and conveniently by inserting the grooved coupling into the cam coupling and simply closing the cam arms. Safety pins prevent the cam arms from accidental disconnection during use.

Cam and Groove Couplings (Cam Lock)

Available in a broad range of sizes and styles, Cam and Groove Couplings are popular in a wide array of industries, and are an excellent choice for applications in low pressure fluid handling. SNAPLOCK® is another manufacturer of Cam and Groove Couplings.

Chicago Couplings

Universal style couplings, also known as "Chicago Couplings", are most commonly used on hose lines connecting pneumatic tools to a compressed air Reference(s). Firmly pressing one coupler to another and twisting seals the connection. Safety clips prevent accidental disconnection during use. A convenient quick connect system to mate varying diameters of hose as all sizes up to 1 inch are interchangeable. Sizes over 1 inch have a four lug design.

Chicago Couplings

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