Liquid Samplers in chemistry and petrochemistry industry

Today, high standards of quality in the final products produced are required, particularly in the chemistry and petrochemistry industry. Therefore, it is necessary to have process measurements, which are generally taken with on-line analysers.

However, there is an increasingly greater tendency to obtain samples to be analysed in the laboratory. This system enables the plant to obtain 'emission-free' measurements in points without analysers. Emission-free sampling systems is spreading rapidly in plants which focus on safety, quality and the environment. So the option of installing sampling systems in the significant analysis points is the best guarantee to control the process.

One of the major players in sample systems is Dopak.

According to Dopak: Industrial processes are getting more and more complex. This specifically applies to the processes in the chemical industry, petrochemical industry, and offshore industry. This growing complexity increases the need for safety testing and analyses of liquids, liquefied gases, and gases. Within this process, representative sampling is a crucial factor in ensuring the correct product verification.
Sampling directly from the process increases the risk of contaminated samples. It also increases the risk of exposure to toxic and dangerous substances for the operators, as well as polluting the environment. The patented design of the Dopak sampling systems is easy to operate and reduces the risks to virtually zero.

Below you will find an example of the Liquid Sampler HD On/Off type from Dopak, which must be used manually.

Operation Function

The ability to connect the sampler close to the sample point, by means of an anti static, fire safe process ball valve with reduced bore.

The HD type sampler in straight on/off configuration allows product to flow directly into the sampler via a two way valve at a recommended maximum operating pressure of 8 bar.

This sampler is equipped with a spring return handle, ensures optimal retrieval of a representative liquid sample.

The liquid sampler offers one-handle operation, providing safety for the operator and zero emission.

Dopak - Liquid Sampler
Pull the handle to the “sample” position, allowing the product to flow into the sample bottle. When the required amount has been taken, release the handle. The valve will close automatically.
Dopak - Liquid Sampler
Remove the bottle retaining clip and pull the bottle out from the sleeve.The septum reseals automatically.
Dopak - Liquid Sampler
Remove the bottle retaining clip and pull the bottle out from the sleeve.The septum reseals automatically.

Dopak MP4 video


  • Liquids at lower pressure (P = < 8 bar)
  • Closed Sampling with lower vapour pressures (P = < 0,7 bar)
  • Corrosive, hazardous liquids
  • Sampling from pipelines and tanks
  • Fire safe antistatic valves
  • Zero emission sampling

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The article above only describes how a Liquid Sampler works, but there are so many more types and systems on the market.

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