Flush Mounted Valves

These valves are custom made to exact tolerances for use in specialized processes with often challenging operating conditions.

Flush Mounted valve is also known as angle bottom valve, tank valve, bottom drain valve etc. Flush Mounted valves are designed to provide dead space free closure for vessels, reactors, storage tanks and autoclaves and to provide drainage to semi-solid media, viscous material, slurry and abrasive material.

Flush Mounted Valves
Image.. schuf.de

Sealing without dead space is possible by placing the seat of the valve flush with the bottom of a vessel, preventing product from accumulating in the nozzle of the vessel. For pass and forget performance, flush mounted valves are very efficient.

For glandless infiltration that provides flushing without gland restriction, and energy-efficient rapid response in flushing, quarter-turn flush mounted valves are used.

The valves can be found in standard and heavy duty applications in the chemical, polymer, pharmaceutical, oil, gas, offshore and refining industries. Ongoing research and development in materials and design provide solutions for high pressure, high temperature and difficult media applications, or a combination of all three.

Flush Mounted Valve - Ball type
Flush Mounted Valve - Schuf type

One of the most obvious advantages of a recessed valve is the elimination of dead space. In the example above ( Images.. schuf.de ), we see how the valve is designed to perfectly fit the dimensions of, say, a vessel. Using a simple ball valve in such an installation, with the associated serious dead space problems, can lead to clogging of the outlet nozzle.

Some facts about flush mounted valves.. The valves are available in sizes 1/2in to above 6in., and in materials like other valves, depending on the process. Typically, the standard flush mounted valve features an inlet size that is one size larger than the outlet size of the valve. The exhaust port is provided with an angle relative to the inlet port, generally 45 or 65 degrees of deviation is supplied to the exhaust port. The end connections of the valve are flanged.

Reference.. schuf.de

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