Forged Seamless Pipes

Forged Seamless Pipe Manufacturing Process

Steel forging is a metal forming process that uses compressive forces and extreme heat to form metal

In forging pipe production, a heated billet is placed in a forging die with a diameter slightly larger than the finished pipe. A hydraulic press or forging hammer with matching inside diameter is used to make cylindrical forgings.

This complex manufacturing process does lead to a higher cost of the forged tube.

The many advantages of forged pipe mean that it has many different applications in different fields such as oil and gas, hydraulic machinery, fertilizer and chemical industries. Because forged steel has no seams or welds, it can successfully contain potentially harmful or corrosive substances and their vapors. Therefore, it can be used in many heavy industries.

Forged Seamless Pipe Manufacturing Process

Advantages Forged Pipes

  • High strength.. Forged pipes generally produce a strong and highly reliable end product because forging causes the grain flow of the steel to change and align. In other words, the steel is finer and the structure of the pipe is significantly altered, resulting in sheer strength and high impact resistance.
  • Longevity.. Forging eliminates potential porosity, shrinkage, cavities and cold casting problems.
  • Economical.. The forging process is generally considered very economical because no material is wasted.
  • Flexibility.. The steel forging process is very flexible and can produce pipes in many different sizes.

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