The Catspider™ is the future of vessel servicing and maintenance. Designed and manufactured by the Contract Resources’ innovation team and deployed and operated by our experienced catalyst handling technicians, the Catspider™ significantly reduces the number of confined space entries and time our people are exposed to hazardous spaces.

The core functionality of the Catspider™ is to remove media in reactors, dehydration vessels and mercury guard beds.

The Catspider™ is Ex Zone 1 rated and can work in hazardous and inert atmospheres.

Catspider - Contract Resources


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A few weeks ago I first heard about a Catspider, and thought what would it be?

Meanwhile, thanks to a colleague, I was able to gather some information and found a YouTube video

Currently, during a Shut Down at a large multinational company, the Catspider™ is being used, to de-catalyze a reactor. I am following the proceedings, and may gather more information in the coming weeks.

to be continued..

The purpose of the .pdf document above is to provide guidelines for handling catalysts in the safest way possible for human health and the environment. Catalysts are used in a wide range of applications and it is important that they are used in a safe manner. Catalysts consist of different chemicals with different requirements for safe use and these must be taken into account when using them.

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