Pipe Fabrication Misalignment Tolerances

All piping fit-ups shall be subjected to the following bore misalignment tolerance

Tolerances for Pipe Fabrication

A  Variations in the indicated dimensions for Center to Face. Location of attachments etc, shall not exceed 3 mm. (Tolerance shall be cumulative)

B  For Piping Bends having a radius equal to SIX times the diameter or larger variations in the finished pipe caused by bending including any folds and bulges shall not exceed ± 3% x Nominal Ø of the Pipe.

C  Lateral translation of flanges in any direction from the indicated position shall not exceed 1.5 mm.

D  Rotation of flanges from the indicated position as shown shall not exceed 1.5 mm.

E  Aligment of flanges shall not deviate from the indicated position measured across any diameter more than 0.75 mm.

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