The End of the Oil Age..

"The world we know is like the Titanic. It is grand, chic, high-powered, and it slips effortless through a frigid sea of icebergs. It does not have enough lifeboats, and those that it has will be poorly employed. If we do not change course, disaster, perhaps catastrophe, is almost inevitable. There is a reason why interest in the Titanic has been revived; it's the perfect metaphor for our planet. On some level we know.. we are on the Titanic. We just don't know we've been hit."
John Brandenburg (Dead Mars, Dying Earth)

In recent years a lot has changed in terms of oil industry, and alternatives to fossil fuels.

  • Should we be scared?.
  • Should we change our behavior?.
  • Should we move to other energy Reference(s), and if yes, when we do that?.
  • When there is more demand than supply for fossil fuels?.
  • Questions, questions, questions...

This website can not answer that questions, so have collected some interesting articles that maybe answer your questions.

This website has no political character and is not designed to criticize multinational corporations, governments and other institutions that have an interest in "fossils to fuel".

Therefore this website would only say..
Yes there is alternative energy, and this "new" energy must be applied worldwide, long before the oil age is over.

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The End of the Oil Age?

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