ES - Piping Material Specification

  1. Table of contents
  2. Scope, codes, standards and references
  3. General and specific requirements
  4. Abbreviations for piping specifications
  5. Valve tag numbering
  6. Standard installation detail - Utility Station
  7. Special fabricated larger diameter reducers
  8. Four weld 90° LR Miter elbow
  9. Two weld 45° LR Miter elbow
  10. Perforated temporary conical strainers
  11. T-Type strainers
  12. Drip ring
  13. Product sampler cooler
  14. Tolerances for pipe fabrication
  15. Line Blinds NPS 1/2 - NPS 60
Standard No.... Doc. No....
Piping Material Specification
Issue Date: Dec, 20116 of 15

Standard Installation Detail - Utility Station

Coupling legend      Type
Steam: Type GB-8-3/4" Female NPT end or approved equal   A
Water: Type AM-8-3/4" Female NPT end or approved equal   B
Air: Type AM-8-3/4" Female NPT end or approved equal   C
Nitrogen: Type GJ-50-3/4" Male NPT end or approved equal   D


  1. Pipe, Valves, flanges and fittings ro conform with piping spec. 1....
  2. Use close nipples where 3" nipples cause excessive dimensions
  3. Hose racks are required for all utility stations
  4. Service designation tags required for each line
  5. Surface preparation shall be per Doc. No...
  6. Insulation shall be per Doc. No...
  7. All branch connections are from top of header


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