Dimensions of Spades & Ring Spacers - ASME B16.48
Ring or Paddle Spacer and Spade or Paddle blank

Pressure Class 150

General notes:
  • Dimensions are in millimeters unless otherwise indicated.
  • Spade Handles shall be solid with no openings.
Further notes:
  • Ring Spacer Handles shall have a single through indicator hole located near the end of the handle. The hole diameter shall not be less than 12 mm.
  • Wt = Thickness of the handle should be 6 mm minimum, or equal to Thickness (t) if less than 6 mm.
  • Spades and Ring Spacers should be made from a plate or forging specification, approved for use by ASME B31.3, of essentially the same chemical composition as the mating flanges and piping involved.
  • Spades & Ring Spacers according to ASME B16.48 may be used for installation between ASME B16.5 flanges
  • Depending on a customer specification, some dimensions can be different from what on this page is defined.

Remark(s) of the Author...

ASME B16.48 said that Spade handles may have no openings.

  • For spades, which can be lift up by people that's no problem, but for a spade that weighs hundreds of kilograms, a lifting ability is needed. So it is usual, that from a certain weight and size, a hole at the top of the handle is made to give a lifting possibly. Many companies have their own rules, about the implementation of a spade handle, so there are many different types and designs.

Raised Face Joint Blanks

Ring Spacer and Spade with Raised Face
  • ASME B16.48 says: The gasket seating surface finish and dimensions for raised face line blanks shall be in accordance with ASME B16.5. A raised face may be specified at the option of the purchaser.
  • A Raised Face would add machining time and complexity so the price would be higher. Call this the Bugatti or Rolls Royce of the line blind world.
  • Personally, I have seen that version once or twice somewhere. The version without Raised Face is the default and is used everywhere.

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