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Question 70: is it possible to use flanges instead of welding to join

Dear Werner,
This is Mohamed Abdelbari and my business is in Dubai, U.A.E. Basically. I need to install a 150 meters, 6 inch pipeline and this is intended to be for a high pressure application which ranges from 25-28 bar. My enquiry is that, is it possible to use flanges instead of welding to join the pipes together?
Thanking you in advance,
Mohamed Abdelbari

Answer from Werner Sölken

Hi Mohamed Abdelbari

If your customer demands, that no "flange connections" in the pipe line may be used, my answer is not needed.

greetings Werner

Thank you Werner for your prompt response. Any idea if there is a standard(s) which can support my stand in front of my boss?
Thanking you in advance

Hi Mohamed,
Costs are the most important factor when building a new plant, unfortunately. What I can tell you: there are no standards that may or may not allow flanges. I will write a new short article about your question.

greetings Werner

Hi Mohamed,

Look at de bottom of this page

greetings Werner

Thank you Werner for your prompt response.
Highly appreciated.
Thanking you in advance

Mohamed S. Abdelbari

Question 69: can you put metallic gaskets - rtj dimensions on the website

Dear Werner,
Can you put metallic gaskets - RTJ dimensions on the website?

Answer from Werner Sölken

Hi Yanhua,
look at R ring gaskets on my site.

greetings Werner

Question 68: safety Valves to Valve shop for testing and maintenance

Question one:
We have to handle safety Valves to Valve shop for testing and maintenance. But i think some of these Valves are damaged during handling to Valve shop.
So i want to find the best way for handling Valves to shop. Most of our Valves are balance safety Valve.

Question two:
i have a question about safety Valve.
Is it possible to test a safety Valve with a set pressure about 130kg/cm2 by using online test method?

best regard
sajjad noruzi

Answer from Werner Sölken

Hi Sajjad Noruzi

Answer on question 1: Pressure Relief Valves

Answer on question 2: Set Point Testing

greetings Werner

Question 67: covers practically everything in an easy to understand format

Excellent web site...covers practically everything in an easy to understand format.
I was on finding out the difference between UNC & UNF threads, and also the purpose of steam traps, of which I had about four different explanations of from different people.
The Heat Transfer section is very good, particularly the animation of a shell and tube Heat Exchanger, I wish the lecturer had shown me this when I was doing my degree it would have made things a lot easier to understand.

Keep Up the Good Work, Regards
John McMillan
Site Engineer

Answer from Werner Sölken

Hi John,
More than 1000 words can not tell, what I can tell by an image or animation.

greetings Werner

Question 66: about your Class 150 and 300 paddles

Hi there Werner,
i would like to talk to someone about your 150# and 300# paddles.
Can you please call me or e-mail me
Joe Bland

Answer from Werner Sölken

Hi Joe
Ask what you want, I'll try to answer.

greetings Werner

Question 65: explain what is the difference between a trunnion and floating ball valve

Hi there Werner,
What a great website you have here! Keep up the good work!
I'm not an engineer, but somehow I am working in an engineering company. The internet is my main source of information for product search & it is great that I came across your helpful website.
Recently, I came across a requirement for trunnion and floating Ball Valves. Can you explain what is the difference between them?. And is there anyway to identify the difference just from their appearance?
Appreciate your help on this.

Thank you.
Best regards
Steven Ng

Answer from Werner Sölken

Hi Steven Ng

Trunnion and Floating Ball Valve

greetings Werner

Question 64: hard work

I love your website and appreciate all your hard work. I am new to the industry and your site has helped me tremendously. A great time saver!


Answer from Werner Sölken

Phil...thanks for your compliments

greetings Werner

Question 63: please calculate the application in the attached file

Hello, my name is Andreas.
The main office of the company DBR Gasarmaturen GmbH is located in Germany, we also have offices in CIS countries.
Engineering company DBR Gasarmaturen GmbH engaged in supply of equipment and materials for water and gas supply and consumption.
We have a large network of clients in Europe, Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Baltic countries and elsewhere.
Has its own design bureau in Russia and Belarus (state planners at least 50 people), we have permission to design and installation of gas, water, ect. equipment.
We are currently expanding the geography of suppliers, and we complete order in one of the countries of Asia.

Please calculate the application in the attached file (pos.1-58).

Sincerely, Andreas Liebermann.
DBR Gasarmaturen GmbH
Im Sampel 18
55246 Mainz-Kostheim
Tel.: 06134/956364
Fax: 06134/956365
Registration HRB 23573
ID-Nr.: DE 814971722
St.-Nr. 04023104263

Answer from Werner Sölken

Lieberman, why do you think that originated from an egg?
You have no idea what to offer !.
Therefore you ask me, in order to supplement your list with prices.
Ask your manager (Helene Kunz) if your practices are allowed...and please, do not contact me anymore.

Question 62: vorschweissflansche typ 11, en 1092-1 pn 25, form b1, dn 700 / 711,2 x 14,2

Sehr geehrte Damen und Herren,
Wir bitten um ein Angebot über Preis und Lieferzeit für 4 Stück Vorschweissflansche Typ 11,
EN 1092-1 PN 25, Form B1, DN 700 / 711,2 x 14,2 aus Material 1.4541 mit Zeugnis APZ 3.1.
Ihr Angebot erwarten wir kurzfristig, bis zum 26.10.2011

Für Rückfragen stehe ich Ihnen gerne zur Verfügung.
Mit freundlichen
i.V. Dietmar Wahl

Answer from Werner Sölken

Hello Dietmar,
I can recommend several suppliers in Germany, they can deliver what you ask.
Why do you ask

greetings Werner

Question 61: carbon steel flange class 150 Welding Neck size 16" reduced neck to 14"

Dear Sir,
Do you supply flanges with the following specs:
Carbon steel flange class 150 Welding Neck size 16" reduced neck to 14"
If yes, please provide dimensional drawing...

Morad Al-Zu'bi

Answer from Werner Sölken

A concentric or eccentric reducer gives you what you want...I think.

greetings Werner

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